If you need a proxy form, click here and you should be able to download one from the page that comes up, by doing a control-P. If you have any problem with that, send us a note at kpterra@gmail.com.

Voting in person

There are normally three postions open at the Annual Meeting, and you will have three votes to allocate however you wish (i.e.,you can give more than one to a given candidate). We hope you will help us to elect the candidate(s) we've recruited according to the best of our knowledge as to how fair and competent they'll be.

Since you cannot cast a fractional vote, however, if we run two candidates, you won't be able to split your vote evenly between them. Giving us your proxy is the best way to accomplish that, because we combine all the votes and split them to best advantage.

Another, very easy way to support our candidates at the meeting, if you prefer not to submit a proxy, would be to simply hand one of us your ballot after you check in, and we'll make it part of our calculation.

If you assign your proxy to us or a candidate we support, please don't take it back if it's offered to you at check-in, since that would make it harder for us the achieve the optimal split.  

(If you do take the proxy back, though, you can still pass your ballot on to one of us.)

Voting by proxy

Even if you plan to attend the meeting, it's a good idea to submit a proxy, in case something comes up and you can't make it. Note that it has to be in to Pacifica by 4:30 pm, or to us by 4:00 pm on the Thursday before the meeting. 

If you are supporting our candidate(s), we prefer to have you send the proxy to us or to let us know you've sent it to Pacifica Managment.  (See our contact information below.)

We urge you to read the candidate and proxy solicitation statements in your KRCA Annual Meeting packet. If you can't decide whom to support, we urge you NOT to just assign your proxy to the Board of Directors as a default option.

If you assign it to the Board majority, that could be good or bad, depending on the composition of the Board. In general, we believe that this winner-take-all approach has not worked to the benefit of the members.

You could assign it to the directors as individuals, and that would be more democra-tic, but it would still give the board majority the larger share of votes, and possibly work against your interests.

If you can't decide what to do, you can always submit the form for quorum purposes only. If you forget to do that, however, don't feel guilty. We'll have a quorum in any case. [See footnote for explanation.]

Who can represent an owner at the meeting?

The person you assign your proxy to does not have to be a member of the Associ-ation. It can be anybody, and that proxy serves as their entry ticket. They will be able to represent you on any matters that may come up, unless you include instructions to the contrary.

Note that if you submit more than one proxy form, it's the one with the latest date that will be valid. (If you send two on one day, make a note on the later one that it supersedes the other one with the same date.)

Need more info?

​If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss them with you.

Concerned Kohala Ranch Property Owners
59-148 Olomana Rd.
Kamuela HI 96743

Phone: 808-880-1033; Fax: 808-331-2889




A quorum is 130 lots (25% of the total 519), and developer Bob Acree currently owns over a hundred lots all by himself.  But even if he didn't show up or submit a proxy, there would still be a quorum.

In 2014, for example, with only 5 people submitting proxies for quorum purposes, we had a 66.86% participation rate.

Of course, that was unusually high. In 2015, with 4 people sumitting a quorum proxy, the participation rate was only 54.72%, and in 2016, with 12 quorum proxies, 50.1%.

Yet both of those represent a quorum two times over!

In any case, we'd rather have you become familiar with the issues and give your vote or proxy in supporl of those you think are the best candidates.