Climatological information for Kohala Ranch as a whole may not be very meaningful, because of the wide difference in elevation between the top and the bottom, and the major effect this can have on temperature, rainfall and wind.  In general, the higher up you are, the cooler, rainier and windier it will be.

This link will give you the weather forecast for Kawaihae, about three miles south of the bottom entrance to Kohala Ranch:  Kawaihae.  If you want to check other zip codes in the region, plug in 96755 (kapa'au) or 96719 (Hawi) for the northern tip of the island, 96743 for Waimea, 96738 for Waikoloa, 96740 for Kona. 

You can find lots of information about how beach and ocean activity will be affected at: hawaiiweathertoday


For updates on Big Island volcanic activity (don't worry, lava doesn't flow anywhere near Kohala Ranch), check with the Hawaii Volcano Observatory

For volcano-impacted air quality, you can call the Vog Helpline toll free at 1-866-767-5044, and additional information on vog can be found at the vog website.  The website is missing a lot of data as of this writing, but may become more useful in the future.


To learn about recent earthquakes or to report how a specific quake was felt in your location, go to:

usgs list

earthquake map

Interpreting earthquake severity on the Richter Scale:

under 3.5     Generally not felt, but recorded.
3.5-5.4          Often felt, but rarely causes damage.
under 6.0     Slight damage to well-designed buildings; possible major damage to poorly
    constructed buildings over small regions.
6.1-6.9          Where people live, can be destructive in areas up to about 100 kilometers across.
7.0-7.9          Major earthquake. Can cause serious damage over larger areas.
8 and up      Can cause serious damage in areas several hundred kilometers across.