FLASH!  If you have received the packet of materials from the board of directors attacking Kelly's character, please go to rebuttal.

The letter dated March 18, 2006 from Board candidate Kelly Pomeroy to Association members discusses a number of isses.  The titles below are the same as in her letter and if you click on them, some will provide additional information.

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Illicit bargain. The Association has entered into an agreement with the deverloper which exempts him from paying dues on some of his lots, in violation of the CC&Rs.  Content here is the same as in the letter.

Water rate increase.  Combined on the same page with the next item, since there may be a close connection.  Includes links to Pomeroy's testimony at the March 8th PUC hearing, and a summary of other testimony.

Water supply - short term. Includes more detailed data on the potential short-term supply crisis.

Water supply - long term.  There are serious questions about the adequacy of the long-term water supply.  The information in this section is not from the above-cited letter, but includes other reports.

Unjust enrichment?  There seems to be a pattern whereby the developer benefits greatly from Association expenditures, without contributing himself.  Content here is the same as in the letter.

Contract abuse.  In the past, the Association was overcharged on the maintenance contract by about a hundred thousand dollars a year.  The potential for abuse has not been eliminated.  Includes background documents.

Secrecy.  Discussion is slightly expanded from the letter.

Two additional items:

Directors.  Find out who the members of the Board are.

Proxy.  If you need a new proxy form, you'll find it here.