Lot no(s) __________


The undersigned hereby assign(s) this proxy for the 2018 annual meeting of the Kohala Ranch Community Association, scheduled for March 17, 2018 at Kohala Ranch in North Kohala, or any adjournment thereof, for the transaction of any and all business that may come before the meeting.

The undersigned hereby ratifies and confirms all acts that the holder of this proxy may do or cause to be done under or by virtue of this Proxy in accordance with its terms. 

1. For quorum purposes only.

2.  ______Kelly Pomeroy_____________________________  
      To the individual whose name is printed next to the box above.

3. To the board of directors as a whole, with the majority deciding how the votes will be cast.

4. To the directors present at the meeting, each of them having an equal voice.

Printed name _______________________ Signature _________________________ Date ______

Printed name _______________________ Signature _________________________ Date ______

Printed name _______________________ Signature _________________________ Date ______

Please sign your name as it appears in the Association’s records. Executors, administrators, trustees, guardians, conservators and corporate officers are to add their titles and, if not already done, are to submit a copy of their appointment.

This supersedes any earlier-dated proxy and shall stay in effect for the transaction of business during the above mentioned meeting and any adjournments thereof, unless the signatories ask that it be revoked or sign a superseding proxy.

Comments or special instructions, if any:

Send to: Concerned Kohala Ranch Property Owners, 59-148 Olomana Rd., Kamuela HI 96743, USA; Email: kpterra@gmail.com; Fax: 808-331-2889 [Phone: 808-880-1033]
(Alternatively, you can use the envelope from Pacifica, send it to them, and let us know by email.)

We must be able to get the proxy to Pacifica Realty Management, 75-1029 Henry St. #202, Kailua Kona 96740-1666 by 4 pm on Thursday, March 15th, so if you’re sending it at the last minute, fax it
directly to them at 808-334-1609 or  email it to Susan@Pacifica-Hawaii.com

 If you plan to attend, we still need your proxy to help us elect two candidates since, if you have one lot,
 you can’t split your 3 votes evenly between them. Please don’t take back your proxy when you arrive.